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Die Xbox Series S ist die aktuelle Konsole von Microsoft, die ohne Laufwerk auskommt. Sie wurde mit ihrem großen Bruder, der Xbox Series X, am 10. November 2020 veröffentlicht.

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Xbox Series S keeps shutting off

My Xbox series s keeps turning off at random moments. It can be after an hour of gaming, or literally 2 seconds after I turn it on. I’ve tried plugging it into different outlets, factory resetting, leaving it unplugged for an hour, still no luck. Not sure if I should buy another power cord, but it doesn’t look physically damaged. Not sure what I should do at this point. Please help.

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Cheapest and easiest thing to do is a power cord. I would try that first.


Very good point


Thanks for the suggestion. I have one being delivered today. I'll provide an update as to whether the issue continues or not.


Good luck. Hope it works


Yea, the cord wasn’t the issue. The only thing I can think of before getting it repaired/getting another Xbox is trying a cooling fan? The Xbox doesn’t feel hot but maybe it’s overheating.


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It could be a power cord issue, but it could also be the power supply that you need to replace. It could also be the motherboard, which I doubt. If you decide to get a new power supply, be careful with the broken one. Do not open the old power supply. Does your Xbox have good ventilation? Here's the article from xbox.com

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I came across something that I've only been able to test for one day, but I think it may have fixed my issue. My video display was set to automatic. Once I switched it to manual (HDMI), I was able to change my Xbox from 120Hz to 60Hz. Although the picture seems wide beyond the borders of my tv, I haven't had any more issues with the Xbox shutting off.

I'm not sure exactly how this fixed the issue, but it's been working ever since.


@gssiler7 That's good. well hope you find out how you fixed it.


It turns out that the issues still persist. I'm getting a diagnostics test run on it today. Just debating on if I'll pay a bunch of money for someone to fix it, or order parts and fix the issue myself.


Do you get a overheating message before it shuts off?


No. I’ve never gotten that message. I took it to ubreakifix and they’ll have some answers by Thursday. He said it could be the fan, power supply, or motherboard (if the motherboard, there’s nothing that they can do about it).


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