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The ElitePad 1000 G2, identified by model number HSTNN-C78C, was released in February 2014. It's a 10.1-inch convertible business tablet that shipped with Windows 8.1.

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Can you help me in finding the pinout of the charging port?

So my dad recently thrifted this elitepad 1000 g2, but it didn't come with a dock or anything to charge it, so we went on a wild goose chase to try to find a cable that fit in the charging port, and we found one!....an ILO crossover server cable with a bunch of extension cables , it fits in the charging port, and we want to solder it to a USB cable, but the problem is :we can't find the pinout for the darn thing! We've been looking for days, but we haven't managed to find a lick of info on it! So I present you with this question: can you find the pinout?

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why do you not buy a charger for it instead of trying to make 1


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What were you going to charge the battery with and at what voltage?

The battery in the tablet is a 7.4V Li-ion battery so you would need an 9V DC supply with battery management that is designed for the battery type so that it wouldn't overcharge and damage it.

A USB 2.0 cable is designed to handle 5V @ 2-3A. A USB-C cable can handle more though if you get the correct one.

Here's an image taken from the schematic that shows the dock connector pinout. Of interest is that the quick spec sheet for the tablet specifies on p.21 that it has a 70 pin Tyco connector (example only), whilst the schematic shows a Panasonic axt390124 90 pin connector (example only). You may want to check if the motherboard model is a Compal LA-A271 in case I linked the wrong one ;-)

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Here's the maintenance and service guide for the device that may also help.

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