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Der DeLonghi EC 155 ist eine Siebträgermaschine mit Pumpe zur Zubereitung von Espresso und Cappuccino.

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Possible reasons for the machine to trip on earth leakage?

I've had the similar EC153b for a decade or so, and its finally showing its age! However I would like to see if there's anything that can be done for it.

I am in UK and so the plug has the third earth pin.

The machine causes my RCD to trip due to earth leakage current when I turn it to heat the water. I read that with coffee machines this can be due to failed insulation on the boiler element, so I was going to take it apart and take a look.

Is there anything else I could profitably check whilst its all open? I notice that the terminals on the top of the boiler aren't fully protected. In fact from past experience opening the machine I think the terminals in mine don't even have those nice connectors like in the pictures.

I also read that blockage could be causing overheating. Would that be in the filter?

Would the fix for the element just be to buy a new one, or can something feasibly be done in a home workshop?

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks. I'm an engineer by background and comfortable around circuits and electricity.

Upon inspection, the element had distorted, causing the seal to fail at the base of the element terminals. There's rust inside the machine, other things wrong with it too. Could try a new element as Delonghi still sells them, but to be honest its time to bin it. 10 years service!

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It's tripping as the machine is going live and to stop you being electrocuted to death is causing the RCD to kill the power. I'd find a shop who can look at it for you unless you have a insulation tester and experience of electrical circuits. Also it needs to be electrically tested afterwards to make sure it is safe to use. If you try and repair it and it kills you, you won't have a leg to stand on. 😂

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