computer turns on for a bit and then off again and then on and beeps

I was trying to fix a computer that had a LOT of dust in it and it was beeping like "beeeep beep beep" and I thought some parts needed to be fixed. So I replaced the ram and it kept doing that, so I cleaned the gpu with a toothbrush (i didn't use isopropyl alcohol because fumes and the closest thing to ventilation i have is like 2 fans and a window). Then it turned on without beeping and i thought it was fixed and right after i thought that it turned off and turned on again and did the same 1 long beep 2 short beeps thing and it's giving me a headache. Or maybe it's the large amount of canned air I sprayed into it the last time I opened it.

Update (10/02/2022)

the computer is a gateway dx4831-07c

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@anthony10 explain this "I cleaned the gpu with a toothbrush" a bit better. The 1 long beep then 2 short beeps indicates a video error has occurred. Did you try a different video card?


when i was cleaning the gpu i just rubbed the dust off the circuit with a toothbrush and the only other gpu i have is also broken


@anthony10 I am sorry but I am old and may misunderstand and get easily confused. When you say that "the only other gpu i have is also broken" are you referring to a video card or the actual GPU IC (Chip)?


the video card


@anthony10 looks like your computer also has HDMI output? Have your tried that output yet? Have you removed any faulty video card that you may have installed? are you running the graphics of the motherboard or a separate video card.


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