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Pioneer Radio gone crazy!

Hi, I have a Pioneer AVH-2330NEX Car play radio. Last week my hard buttons stopped working and just now the radio has gone completely nuts on my way to work. The volume is to the max! It's not responsive to controls on the steering wheel. The display is not responsive. How do you disable the radio? Please help.

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Did this get corrected? I have the same radio and it did the same thing. I have not found a fix yet.


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Hi @jeffncville

The quickest way to disable the radio is to locate and remove the radio fuse in the vehicle's fuse box.

Check the lid of the fuse box (passenger and/or engine bay) to see what the fuses are for.

Be aware that the radio fuse may also be used for other functions as well so take note of this if you remove it and something else now doesn't work. It should show this in the fuse table in the lid.

If there's no info there, check the owner manual for the vehicle or search online for (insert year, make and model of vehicle) fuse box to find info about the fuses

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Thank you!! I was thinking whether removing one of the battery connectors to reset the radio may be of use



Maybe try resetting the microprocessor in the radio first.

Here's the user manual for the radio. Go to p.12 item #9 to view the location of the reset button for your particular model - top image- and then go to the bottom of p.15 to see how to operate it to reset the device.

If still no good it may be better to just isolate the radio power i.e. fuse, rather than the battery power to the entire vehicle.

I only say this because depending on the make and model number and year of the vehicle, sometimes when disconnecting the battery you can cause problems with the BCM (body control module) or the ECM (engine control module) and then they have to be reset.

This is not for all vehicles of course but since I don't know what vehicle the radio is in, I wouldn't advocate doing that unless you know it is safe to do so.


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