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Erste iPad Generation mit 3G, verfügbar mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität. Modell Nummer A1337. Reparaturen sind unkompliziert und verlangen keine Wärmezufuhr.

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iPad LCD is probably broken, is it easy to replace?

Recently when I turned my iPad on, i saw that two thirds of its screen keep black. After a while the dark spots change their color. Although the touchscreen is still working even on the broken spots, it's pretty useless without a functional display.

My question is:

Is it just the LCD which is broken or is it worse (Logic Board, etc.)?

Second question:

If I want to replace the LCD myself, do I need a replacement specifically for the 3G iPad or can I use a replacement labeled as (WiFi) iPad LCD?

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The symptom certainly suggest the LCD has failed however it may be the logic board. Try opening up and disconnect/reconnecting the connectors first.

This is the LCD replacement guide, The part is available HERE. According to the part suppler compatibility list, the same screen is useable across the model range.

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Many Thanks. I'll try this as soon as I can.


Yeah the only difference between the 3g/wifi screens is the 3G has an aerial attached along the top to connec to the comms. board.

Overall I think it is a reasonably straight forward repair, take your time and follow the guide and you should be fine :)


Thanks for the reply :)

Yes, I replaced the whole front panel with included LCD as one piece and it worked. Indeed it's just been an burnt out LCD. I'm very happy I could repair my iPad myself. This saved me a lot of money.


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I think tht these statements are all false because they are all lies!!!!!

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