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Galaxy S smartphone from S20 family. Featuring a triple camera with AI, Infinity O display, LTE and WiFi 6 with 5G capability. Available in six new colors.

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The reason for the appearance of moisture in the charging port

When charging it gives me the presence of moisture, which is the origi

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Me too. After much searching I believe the charging port is bad and needs to be replaced. Mine has had the moisture detection for a month now and I've tried everything like silica gel packets to logging out of and into my Samsung account (which seemed odd.) I even used a toothpick very gently and got dust out. I also tried a small empty brand new liquid container with a small diameter circle top that fir right into the charging port and blew it out for 10 minutes.

Now I am here to find a charging port to replace mine. Replacement units that are used or certified refurbished are going for $150-$190 on reselling sites. I believe this part is about $20 and you need an hour or so for replacement time depending on your skill level. I have replaced touchscreens, batteries, and buttons. I believe I could hopefully do this in about 45 minutes. If it works or not I'll try to come back here as you have already been waiting a while. -James


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Try blowing out debris from the port with a can of compressed air. Amazon sells compressed air at the link below:


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Have a new charge port fitted.

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