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An audio storage device that uses magnetic tape to record and play back audio input.

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Can't find replacement parts for Sony TC-540

I can't find any replacement parts for these wheels in the tape player, and they don't seem to be working too well. Is there any kind of replacement that would work or could I fabricate these? Also, its a Sony TC-540, not the thing I listed.

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Update (10/07/2022)

I probably should have said this, but it is a giant reel to reel tape player.

Update (10/07/2022)

I just realized I put in the wrong model number. It is actually a TC-540

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Here's the service manual that may help.

To find the required parts search online using the part number of the part you want that is shown in the parts list in the manual.

For example on p.58 of 74 (pdf numbering) the idler assembly capstan wheel (A11) has a part # of X-00270-03O. This supplier was found by searching for the part number.

As can be seen in the supplier link, there is now an equivalent part available i.e. a GC-WALSCO part #1499-67, no doubt because Sony doesn't make them anymore.

Searching for this part number gave no results of other suppliers who had it in stock.

Hopefully you may find all the parts you're looking for using the above method, from suppliers who suit you best.

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Thank you so much!


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