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Apple's September 2021 refresh of its iPad mini tablet, sporting an A15 Bionic processor, an 8.3" screen, a new design, in-button Touch ID, and 2nd-generation Apple Pencil support.

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Can’t find display replacement for ipad mini 6

3 month after i bought my ipad mini 6th gen a line like a crack appeared in my display. It started on one side and got longer, until it reached the other side. It is not straight, it goes upwards. It has to be in the front panel glass.

i always had a display protection glass on my ipad, and a case around it, which covers every corner. The protection glass is perfectly intact, the crack is underneath it. I have no idea how this happened. But i think, Apple won’t believe me that its not my fault, so i don’t want to take it to the store.

So I’d like to replace the display by myself. But i can’t seem to find it anywhere. Do you have any idea where to get one or why there isn’t any?

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@neve not inexpensive but available right here iPad mini 6 Screen Free instructions about the repair as well iPad Mini 6 Screen Replacement

iPad mini 6 Screen Bild


iPad mini 6 Screen


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Thank you for the quick reply. 249 USD is too much though, and it’s out of stock unfortunately. So i have to wait until it gets affordable. Maybe someone knows another source?


I've checked the "cheaper" places like AliExpress and even eBay and surprisingly enough those are all in the same price range. That is definitely a very expensive repair.


Ok, thank you so much for your research! I’ll wait till it gets cheaper, hopefully…


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Bumping this up again, it seems like I can't find this replacement screen at all from a trusted seller. I spoke with iFixIt support but they're not sure that the purchasing department can even find one to sell to us.

Does anyone know how to get ahold of one of these screens?

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Here’s a link from a trusted website for a screen


Just a heads up they arent cheep in any way ,shape or form



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