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The DJI Osmo Mobile is a phone camera stabilizer that enhances users ability to take videos and pictures. It features a rotation speed of 120 degrees per second and connectivity via Bluetooth with app support. Model numbers are identified by ZM01 and OM150.

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How can I make my own charging cable?

I have a DJI Osmo mobile. There was a USB to 3.5mm cable for charging this device. Unfortunately, I lost the cable. I can't find the cable anywhere in my country. Also, they no longer sell this cable and I have seen people complaining about this cable in multiple forums. I have enough understanding of electronics to make one. But I need the USB to 3.5mm connection configuration. Where can I get this one?

(I can open the Osmo mobile and find the pin configuration from the circuit board But I don't wanna risk anything by opening it.)

Can anyone please help me find the pin configuration of this particular cable?

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Unfortunately I don’t recommend make your own charger unless you have a lot of experience as you need precise soldering skills,if two of the solder connections were to short together you could damage your device


Here’s a link to one thats already made for you!


If it isn’t available in your country please let me know and il find another one but this one should be ok

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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