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Guides and repair information for televisions from Hitachi, a Japanese electronics manufacturer.

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Vertical lines on screen

Hitachi LE32E6R9 32" TV has several vertical lines on the screen. They appear on all inputs. I've tried powering down and restarting the TV. I want to try updating the TV's software but I need to do it via a USB port since I don't think it has WiFi built in. Where do I download the software? A Google search isn't helping me much.


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Hi @lordvolvo

What colour are the lines?

If coloured it could be a faulty tcon board.

If black it could be loose cof cable connections between the tcon and the screen. These are very delicate but you may be able to gently press them back down again onto the screen where they've lifted off. If not you need a new screen. It could also be a faulty tcon board as well.

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The HDMI connectors are tightly in their sockets.

The lines are pixels and the color varies with the screen image...sometimes the lines are dark like a shadow when the screen is dark, other times they are colored when the screen is bright.



I wasn't talking about the HDMi ports I was talking about the tcon board and the cof connections to the actual TV panel.

Here's a video that shows what's involved if there are black vertical lines on the screen.

Although if the flex cable bonding to the screen itself is the problem then even this won't work. You would need to replace the panel.

Since you have coloured vertical lines try replacing the tcon board first. (supplier example only). They're not that expensive and if it is the problem it saves a lot of time as well.


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