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Repair guides and support for the Canon Speedlite 430EX II external flash assembly.

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Tried everything but it still won’t turn on

So it does not turn on. Tried everything but it still won’t turn on, I tried cleaning it but it still looks like this

Block Image

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@evaneng did you use IPA to clean it or something else as you might be left with (Possibly permanently) corroded contacts


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@evaneng since those were alkaline batteries the nickel on those contacts has been causticaly etched away. Use a long cotton applicator and mix some white vinegar and sterile water (about a 50/50 mix) and use the applicator to clean of more of the residue. It will not be shiney but will from now on continue to be rather dull looking. That is okay, for as long as you keep it from getting worse. After cleaning it with vinegar/water, use some high grade isopropyl alcohol to clean that off. Then apply some dielectric grease to those contracts. Nothing layered on just a fine coat will do.

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