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Not receiving calls from only one provider?

Hi all, I hoping that someone here can help me?

I have for the last couple of weeks, been missing calls and texts from certain numbers.. but I was unaware of this until I was told by the caller that they could not get through to me..

I have changed provider, changed my sim, changed my phone, done countless factory resets and still the same.

I have narrowed it down to anyone on Vodafone that is not able to call or text me,, other callers can still get through to me.

The message that the affected callers get is that I am not available to take their calls?

Has anyone else had this and can you please help? the only alternative that I see to this is to change my number and that would be a nightmare.

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Hi @davej69,

How did the caller who told you that they could not get through before, get through this time to tell you?

Can you call your "Vodafone" contacts OK?

If callers using other service providers i.e. not Vodafone, can call you OK it seems more like a problem with Vodafone not being able to connect to your service provider's network.

To prove that it is not your individual service that either is or is not the problem, if you know someone else who is connected to the same service provider as you and who is willing to help you, get one of your "Vodafone" contacts to call or text them and check what happens.

Are all your "Vodafone" contacts located in basically the same location i.e same city or more widespread?

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Hi Jayeff.

No, it appears that anyone that has Vodafone as a service provider can not get through to me either a call or text.

I was a customer with Vodafone about 6 years ago, and since then have ported out to other providers 3 times. So it is possible, that Vodafone did not port me out correctly.

I have been to the store and the guy there was just as stumped. I have managed to get through to the Vodafone tech team and they reckon that the only way to help is to get in touch with my current providers porting team to get them to contact Vodafone.

The issue with that, apart from the fact that it's all online chat teams and bots is this:

My current provider is Lycamobile on a Sim only deal which I ported over to less than a week ago from Smarty. The reason that I did this was because I was not getting these calls with Smarty.

It's only today that I have found out that the problem lies with anyone on the Vodafone network, all other networks seem to be able to get through okay.



I could understand if the porting issue caused the problem from all service providers to your service provider and not just Vodafone i.e. when calling your number the calling networks didn't know which network to send it to for the final connection to your phone therefore the message that is being received. Lycaphone is on the 02 network and Smarty is on Three

Since it is only Vodafone they should be able to find out why when your number is called it isn't being directed to your current service provider.

I think you may have to escalate the problem with Vodafone


Thanks Jayeff,

I have asked Vodafone to have a look, but they reckon that they can't do anything without my current service provider contacting their porting team. The problem that I see is this:

Lycamobile will tell me that it was a Smarty issue, then Smarty will say that it was an ID mobile issue, then IDmobile will say that it's a Vodafone issue.

Do you think it would make a difference if I purchased a pay as you go Vodafone sim, joined their network and ported my nimber across, then if I still can't get Vodafone calls, they would be more inclined to do something about it?

Failing that if I don't get anywhere, should I raise a complaint with OFCOM? As this is clearly a Vodafone issue?




I'm not fully across how it works but given that you have kept the same "Vodafone" number when callers on other networks call you I imagine that the call is first directed to the Vodafone network because the ID code of the provider which is usually the first 4 digits of the phone number has stayed the same. Each provider has their own "prefix" as it were.

From there it would be redirected to the service provider that you're currently using. Presumably this is the information that the current provider's porting team would update somehow.

So if that is the case why would callers other than Vodafone customers have no problems.

You could try porting your number to a new SIM but I was wondering if this may exacerbate the problem if it is a porting issue by introducing another porting change.

Have Lycamobile got a store that you can go into to actually talk to someone? ;-)

To get co-operation from Vodafone you may have to try Lycamobile first although you said that the problem seemed to be with Smarty as well. At least you can say that you tried

If contacting Lycamobile online etc gets you nowhere fast, go to OFCOM


Thanks Jayeff.

As you say, it seems strange that it's only a Vodafone caller issue.

I think that this is not going to be something that will be sorted in a timely manner as it's my gut feeling that each of the provider will blame the other.

I'm going to give Vodafone a chance after speaking virtually online to Lycamobile, as they do not have any stores to enable me to talk to a real person and make any sense.

I can only find another instance of an issue with the same problem on google, and it turned out to be a split porting issue.

I may have no choice than to raise this with ofcom.


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