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RYOBI Two Cycle backpack blower - 760 CFM & 175 MPH.

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Why will it not stay running?

Ive replaced the carburetor, the air filter, and the spark plug. I cannot keep this thing running. It seemed like it might run at one point, but it quit after running only a few minutes and wouldn't start again. Maybe a heat censor issue?

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@candymarie Have you adjusted the carburetor after replacing it? Most carbs will require adjustments to run optimally. There’s a high (H) and a low (L) screw that needs to be tuned.

There could be an air leak somewhere (most likely in a fuel line) or in a gasket. Inside the tank there is also a fuel pickup filter that needs to be replaced as they easily get gummed up. I’d also change the fuel lines as they can rot and cause air leaks.

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I did a carb cleanout and adjustment first amd then I bought a new one and adjusted it after it didn't work. No progress. I did already change the fuel lines and the in line filter. Ive worked on 3-4 small engines, but this one has me stumped. The outer housing gasket and heat shield were mangle. I bought a gasket material and remade one for it, but that could still be the issue. Thank you!


@candymarie If you work on more than a couple of small engines, may I suggest investing in one of these: vacuum and pressure tester (just an example). I have that model and it is invaluable when testing 2 stroke carbs!! There could be an internal leak on the carb which is impossible to detect without testing both it’s ability to hold pressure and a vacuum.

Here is a link to Donyboy73 showing how to test a 2 stroke carb. Don is a super great guy and he is the OG when it comes to small engine repairs on YouTube. He was one of the very first to do it. I’ve known him for well over a decade.


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