Dark green screen after boot, even with brand new screen. New battery

I purchased a replacement screen for a Google Pixel 2 straight from ifixit. Both it, and the original screen, have full color while booting, but as soon as the lock screen is displayed, everything is very dark green, almost black, and I can't see anything.

Originally, I was performing a battery replacement. That appears to have been successful, but something is obviously wrong. I'm hoping it's just something in software? I can't figure it out.

Update (10/19/2022)

Some gif-converted videos on what this looks like, here:



The video is a little blurry with some artifacts. Ignore that. Just focus on how at certain points there is full color and clarity, and other times there are greenish squares for those same UI elements, if not an entirely green screen.

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So it boots up normally, but once it reaches what is supposed to be the Home Screen, it just turns dark green? It could be something in the software, try factory restoring it. However it is possible that when you did the repair, you had possibly damaged the motherboard.


@catlove Yeah, it boots up normally--what a tease--and the lock screen / home screen is dark dark green. I should say it's mostly an entirely solid color, but with certain presses, I can see where the keypad for lock screen entry is, and I can see an outline or relief of an app icon here & there.

It was my son's phone; I initiated a remote wipe, but that didn't fix the issue. I can probably take a small video and turn it into a gif.


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