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Guides for the eMotorWerks (now Enel X) JuiceBox EVSE

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Connector pins arc while plugging to charge my car.

Connector female pin L2 N is arcing

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More words are generally useful when asking for help -- but I think I understand this abbreviated phrasing.

Unfortunately, the news isn't so great here -- the cause is that the grippy part of the pin is failed (thus not making good/any contact with the vehicle), the pins in the handle (or sockets depending on how you see it) are built into the handle, the handle built into the cable -- all are inseparable components from one another. With a lot of fiddling, you may be able to separate them, but the parts aren't sold separately anywhere.

Thus, the only recourse is to replace the cable. A comparable replacement cable can be found on Digi-Key here: J2CE4021-20L0A ITT Cannon, LLC

With that, you can remove the original cable (see newly posted guides for help), crimp or otherwise attach a lug to the ground lead of the new cable, splice the pilot wire to a piece of the original pilot wire (to retain its crimp), and you can have a new box for around 200 dollars and some screwdriver-time.

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