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Is it possible to change only the lens and not the whole Eye Tube?

Can i buy only the lens and not the Tube. I would like to try to replace it, because of a smear in the coating that i got day 1. I would at least try to change the lens even if it is glued in. If it fails i can replace the whole Tube afterwards.

Re: Sry but my Title-question was not precise. I wanted to know where can i get such a lens, here on ifixit i can buy only the whole assembly.

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unfortunately, u have to replace the whole tube

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Stanislav Bespalko that is exactly the problem. You can get eye tubes but I have not yet found anybody that sells replacement lenses. The only thing you can try is to check sites like ebay etc and see if there are broken VR sets for sale where you can harvest the lens from. Cost will most likely be higher than a new eye tube.

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It is sad because the cost for such a common defect skyrocket if you have to get the full assembly. Valve should suply only the Lenses, sure it is risky but its our own risk and right to repair. I will get the whole thing and maybe sell mine if someone has a broken screen or keep it as spare. But i never had a defect screen so if someone wants it xD.

Btw is it just a normal fresnel Lens with antiglare or is it somehow special (Distorsion etc.)? Cause it looks like a round fresnell with a piece cut off. Is it maybe even possible to get a pancacke lens with my dioptrins as a replacement and not as an adon? Did someone researched this topic?


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