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The Xiaomi Redmi AirDots (also called Mi AirDots) are wireless in-ear earphones produced by Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company.

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Why my Buds is not charging in case

My Buds is not charging in case but sometime it charges automatically

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Have you tried cleaning the Charing pins on headphones and case with isopropyl alcohol?

(The little shiny dots in the case and on the bottom of the headphones)

If that doesn’t work it’s most likely a hardware issue and these sorts of headphones aren’t meant to be taken apart unfortunately so they can only really be repaired by professionals

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Hey guys I hope its not too late for the solution. I got these last year and I got to experience the same problem. Either one or both the earbuds don't charge.

If they dont get connected

The solution is just take both of them out. And pick any one, e.g you pick up the left one, you have to put it in the right bud's place. It has magnets so it repels but you just have to make sure with a little force that the metal contacts on both the case and the bud touch each other for a second. Once its done, put it in original position and it will work 100%.

It's weird but somehow it helps the current flowing again or it reminds the case to start charging the buds. BUT IT WORKS!

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