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Das Apple iPhone SE der 3. Generation ist mit einem A15-Prozessor und einem 4,7 Zoll-LCD-Display ausgestattet.

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Phone restarts after about 3 minutes.

I replaced a screen and the power jack, it seems to run fine except it will reset every 3 minutes. I tried to update it, but it resets to often to complete one.

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Hi @gatewaynomad,

Okay, the three minute reset cycle is a vital clue as to what's going on. That's how often the iPhone scans its sensors. When it can't communicate with one of them, a catastrophic event called a kernel panic occurs, basically crashing the operating system and causing it to reboot.

The good part about this is that when those events happen, the phone logs them. You can go in afterward and read those logs and find out exactly what caused the reboot. User @flannelist has written up a very good Wiki article on those kernel panics that tells you how to read them and what they mean.

My suspicion is that the lightning connector flex cable you bought has a defective or missing sensor. There are two sensors on that flex assembly that commonly cause boot loops like you're experiencing. One is some kind of microphone sensor and the other is a pressure sensor used with the barometric vent.

iPhone Kernel Panics - iFixit

So your next step is to bring up your phone and go grab the panic log. Post a screenshot or copy/paste the contents to your question and we'll do our best to walk you through the solution. This is fixable, and signs are currently pointing to the replacement lightning connector assembly, but we'll know more once we see the panic logs.

Good luck, and let us know what you find!

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Honestly, my money will be on the replacement charge port, since its a common fault. But could also be a few things. Especially after repair.


I had to leave the shop for the night, but I will follow up in the morning, I appreciate it!


That was all very helpful. It looks like the replacement part was damaged or defective, so I am going to order a new one and try the repair again. Thanks!


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If the charge port is an aftermarket one replace it with a genuine apple one. Chances are the phone can’t recognise the part correctly and keeps rejecting it.

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