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The Huawei P20 Lite is a budget, yet powerful, smartphone from tech giant Huawei. It features dual rear-facing cameras and an amazing display.

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Won’t turn on

Simply left my phone to charge on the bedside table over night, it was dead in the morning. Won’t turn on or charge. I’ve had this many a time in the past with every one of my Android phones, the usually reset/boot tricks worked, but not this time. I’ve replaced the battery (new genuine) as a cheap possible fix, the problem stays the same. What could be the problem?

Note: no signs of life when trying any reboot configurations

All help great fully received

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Charge port or and something’s disconnected

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Triple checked all connections, no visual damage to ribbon cables, pins or wires and all connections clicked into place happily. Charge port is clean and no damage can be seen, I’ve also tried several different charge plugs and cables too.


Maybe there’s a fuse that bad on the board that contols that


Checked all fuses I could find, all those were fine. Decided to give up now, any further checking or repairs is beyond my expertise 😝. Appreciate the help, thanks 🙏


Never give up! It could be a easy fix!


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