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Hamilton Beach cordless kettle, odd screws

Our HB 40996? Cordless kettle stopped heating. I watched YouTube videos and figured it’s likely it got inadvertently boiled dry and blew its thermal fuse. But when I went to unscrew the connector on the pot’s bottom I ran into 3-point screw heads. Even my iFixit kit doesn’t have such a driver.

Beyond that, there are no other fasteners that seem to be holding the bottom of the pot to its body, so even if I could unscrew the odd screws, I’m not sure how I’d get to the heating element for testing, or the thermal fuse to replace it.

Any insight?

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Joel those look like they need a Trilobar Tamper-Proof Security Bit. Something like this may work. The ends are a little thicker and lobular in shape vs the Tri point, but it might just work. Anyhow, I am sure Amazon or Harbor Freight might have more of those.

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My luck: Reckon I should’ve ordered the Mahi kit instead of the Essentials.


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