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A phone made in late 2011, Successor to LG Cosmos Touch, also known as LG VN-271.

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does anyone know where I could get a (slider) lg extravert battery?

I have a lg extravert (2012 slider) and I was wondering if anyone knew where to find a battery for it as the one i have has the original battery that's 10 years old and can't hold a charge. The phone works fine when plugged up and was in box sealed until june of 2021

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Assuming you're looking for the original Extravert and not one of the later models like the 2 or 3, then here's a couple that should work. If you open it up and get the model number on the battery itself, you should be able to find more options pretty easily.

LG - Extravert Battery

LG Extravert Battery Replacement

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@dadibrokeit yes im looking for a original, thanks for the links


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