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The Panasonic RQ-2102 is a portable cassette recorder that was made by Panasonic in 1994. While it has long been discontinued, it remains a popular collector's item to this day.

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Monitor port one sided?

I was wondering if the monitor port on the RQ-2102 only has audio for one side of earphones, or if I needed to see if I could fix whatever the problem might be on mine.

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Hi Ridwan,

According to the Service Manual, the RQ-2102 is a monaural recorder, meaning it only records a single channel. So yes, you'll only get sound on one channel of your stereo headphones unless you use an adapter that connects that single output channel to both of the stereo channels. It's called a mono to stereo adapter; you'll need the 3.5 mm size like this one.

Monoprice 3.5mm TS Mono Plug to 3.5mm TRS Stereo Jack Adapter, Gold Plated - Monoprice.com

With one of those, you'll hear sounds in both ears instead of just one.

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Hi Jerry,

Do you need to adapt both sides of the cable? (my headphones have a removable cable).



@Matías Ruiz-Tagle, no, since your headphones are stereo, the adapter will feed the single audio channel to both stereo channels in the cord, so when they get to the headphones you'll get sound in both ears.


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