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Die HTC Vive ist das erste Virtual-Reality-Headset von HTC, das gemeinsam mit Valve entwickelt und im April 2016 veröffentlicht wurde. Die Modellnummer des Geräts ist NM80PJT100.

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htc vive deluxe strap, headphone screw wont tighten

I bought a used deluxe audio strap from ebay and 1 headphone side isnt connected and constantly falls off, so i went to youtube and saw that i need to tighten the middle screw from behind the padding, but it doesnt get tightened at all, the screw itself looks fine i think so im not sure what to try now, my only other idea is that its related to the metal part that its supposed to be screwing into in the headphone

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after some more trying i think it is from the tiny metal part, i cant seem to get the screw to screw into it which i can on the side that is working, is it possible in any way to replace it? i dont know where i'd get that replacement piece (willing to buy) and i dont know which tool lets me remove it (i assume its the circular thing on the side)

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Tried reviewing sidebar questions, one of which may help you with this problem?


@notbroken i did, nothing helped


One question was answered with a pictorial disassembly. I think this should help your disassembly to examine how hardware is used and comparing one side to the other. Disassembly may be the only way to examine if anything is missing since one side is intact for comparison to the other side.


@notbroken i did look at the other side, everything is the same and nothing is missing other than the screw not screwing into the metal piece it should screw into


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Maybe it’s the wrong screw or you have it crooked

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no ): since if i use the screw from the other side which has no problems it still isnt working, its the little metal piece but i dont know how to disconnect it or how to even begin to try and fix/find a replacement for it


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