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No water being pumped through Nespresso CritZ coffee machine

I have taken two Nespresso CitiZ machines out of storage after three years. Both machines worked well before storage and were not used for more than 70 to 100 cups of espresso, prior to being put in storage. When I turned each unit on to make coffee, neither one was able to pump water through the machine. The motor in each machine is working, but no water is being pushed through the lines to reach the coffee pod. Is there a shut off mechanism that engages after Nespresso machines have been in storage for as long as the three years these were? If this is not the source of the machine's not working, can you tell me what you think the problem could be, and what I can do to fix it, or where I would be able to have it repaired. Thank you Ron Marsh

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Hi Ron - I have a similar problem with an inherited unit. It was not working & had not done so for some time. Replacing the control board got it to switch on ie green lights now showing but no water pumps through. Have disassembled it, no blockages or other obvious problems. Others do report same problem caused by an air lock apparently.

Did you get yours working? Thanks David


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I had the same issue on a different machine. It's not super helpful, but you'll need to manually prime the pump somehow since it's full of air and won't fill. My flavia machine I could fill the main tank and plunge on a valve during the priming process and it worked.

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