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Can I replace intel board with amd board?

Dell 5559 i5 6-Gen board is dead.

Can I replace intel i5 6-Gen board with any amd board?

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Highly unlikely if you want to fit it in your current laptop case, as it seems this model was equipped with Intel CPUs only; and even if you found a somewhat compatible replacement board, it would still require a lot of work.

Limited repairability/upgradeability is a well-known issue with portable devices, hopefully things are gonna change for the better in the near future; some progress was made, as a matter of fact you could have easily swapped your faulty motherboard with a new one if you had this laptop.

That said, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, and refuse to take a risk and look for a used working Intel board, you could still recycle all the other components, there are many fascinating projects worth looking at: you could build an Arm based computer, or an AIO-like PC you could use as secondary screen, you could even try to build a tablet out of ur old machine; HDD and ODD can be repurposed too.

Hope this helps, feel free to let us how you fixed it

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