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Philips 42PFL7422D/37 The TV only works if I manually press the relay

So, how do  I troubleshoot this?  The TV only works if I manually press  the relay on the power supply board, after I do that it will stay energized.  It appears to not be  getting some kind of control voltage to energize it and keep it energized so the power   required to operate the TV can get to the rest of the TV from the PS board.

I noticed that there is no 5v (standby?) voltage constantly at the relay even when the  TV is off (I think it's supposed to be there ?)

Sometimes after pressing this relay it will not stay energized, in this condition, I was able to  measure  5 v across the relay which indicates  that   the other side of the relay is not allowing current to flow through it.

I' m thinking there is something in the standby circuitry that may be the culprit?

Philips TV  Model  42PFL7422D/37  SN: YA1B0729020266

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Here are some images of the standby voltage circuit from the service manual that may help.

Block Image

(click on image)

Hopefully a start

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