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The Chrysler 300 is a rear-wheel-drive, front-engine, full-sized luxury car manufactured and marketed by Chrysler as a four door sedan and station wagon.

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Why can I still drive even if my door is open

Why i can still drive the car Chrysler 300 S model 2019 even if the door is open

I couldn't do this with my oldest car model 2018

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I just went through the manual for that car and could find nothing in it mentioning any safeguards that would prevent you from driving it with a door open. Perhaps they don't have that option on this vehicle?


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@brandon_k I seem to recall that certain model Chrysler/Jeep locked the doors at a certain speed. That only prevents the doors from being opened when already driving. You can still start out with open doors.


@oldturkey03 correct. A lot of vehicles, especially newer, have this feature. My 2017 f150 does. But nothing that stops the vehicle from driving with them open...


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