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Repair for cell phones and smartphones designed by Sharp Electronics.

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My Cell phone Sharp Aquos R3 touch panel is not properly work.

I am Malik Muhammad Rafiullah from Pakistan.

My cell phone is sharp Aquos R3 and it's touch panel is not properly work.

I want change it's touch panel.

Please solve my problem.

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I also have this problem in my aquous r3 can you guide me that should i buy new mobile or it is better to insert new pannel in my mobile ...because i ask many peopls in mobile market but they we are not able to give you any gurantee that after puttibg new pannel your mob is GONNA be alright or Not ..so tell me what i have ro do . Thank u


just buy blutooth mouse and bluetooth keyboard to continue using your r3 just like mine hahahha


The touch panel of Aqus R3 is not available in Pakistan, what is the reason for this?


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Before looking for a replacement, first thing I would do is turn off the phone, wait a few seconds and restart it. You may also want to thoroughly clean the screen or remove the screen protector if you have one.

If your device's internal storage is full, this can cause slow screen response, so try freeing up some space. If this doesn't solve it, enter Safe mode to find out if a recently installed app is causing the issue: the procedure is documented in the user manual (p.155), you can also download it from the manufacturer's website.

Other things you could try: look out for abnormal memory consumption by certain apps, install a touchscreen calibration app to increase accuracy or run diagnostic software to detect faulty parts

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I was checked to self check in cell phone button. It's a touch panel problem on front camera's left and right side and bottom sensor's left and right side. Now I decide change the touch panel.


Is This cell phone parts available in Pakistan?

And where your office In Pakistan?

How much cell phone touch panel price?

I really disappointed because I was earned money for this Sharp Aquos R3 but cell phone.......


@malik rafiullah Sorry to hear that, I had also found a code you could dial to test hardware functionality without installing 3rd party apps (*#*#2663#*#*), reference website: https://mobilexfiles.com/phones/sharp/sh..., hoping it did not report any malfunctions. However if you've already proven it's faulty, you'll need a new screen assembly.

I did a quick search and that part doesn't seem to be available on the main international marketplaces, at least not where I live. You'll probably have more luck searching other markets (e.g. on this website https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/W...). Unfortunately there's a limited amount of teardown guides on youtube, but you'll find some.

Hope you'll be able to fix your phone, please feel free to let us know if you need any advice or if you manage to fix your phone


touch panel problem only up side near by camera


1st my touch isn't working from top side but when I reset my phone its totally not working


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hi can anyone help me my aqous R3 camera is not working it always appear " COULDN'T START CAMERA" please anyone..

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Hello, if you need help fixing this, we would be glad to help you https://www.ifixnorwich.com/


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