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What kind of screw is this?

Block Image

What kind of screwdriver do I need to turn this screw?

The device is Ocean Digital WR-210N Portable Internet Radio.

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Hi @bp0

It looks like a Phillips tamperproof screw which requires a Phillips pinhead driver (supplier example only).

I think that there are 4 points in the screwhead which a Phillips driver will fit, plus a centre pole which needs to fit in a hole in the end of the driver.

As to the correct size, that is another matter. Measure the distance between the widest points across the screwhead. (see image)

Block Image

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Phillips Pinhead Bits Bild


Phillips Pinhead Bits


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Very sharp eyes!


Thanks. Unfortunately the hole is about 3 1/2 inches deep and not wide enough for 1/4in bits to get to the bottom. Do you know where I might get a screwdriver with a long, narrow shank with a #1 or #2 phillips pin head?


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Your photo is not focused well but it looks like a "Torx Security" screw. They range in size from TR6 to TR40. I can't say what size the radio's screw is. I would guess in the TR10 to TR25 range. IFIXIT sells several screw bit sets in the store.

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