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Is there replacement part for cracked body? - Gopro Hero 4 Black


My Gopro Her 4 seems to have gotten a crack in the body as per image.

Is here perhaps a replacement part I can get?

Whats strange is that I basically never used the Gopro and had it stored in the waterproof housing. When I recently dug it out I noticed this crack in the body (as well as face-plate which seems to be standard on these models)

Any help would be appreciated.


Block Image

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@hellhammerza Unfortunately, the housing is not available in the GoPro HERO4 Black Ersatzteile. Your best bet (safest) is to use either Amazon or possibly eBay, and search for “GoPro hero4 black replacement housing”.

I found some, but it depends on where in the world you are located

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Thanks for the reply.

Could you perhaps send me a link to those?

All I find when searching for housing are the waterproof housings it seems.


@hellhammerza The two I found were available in Norway (where I’m located), and they didn’t ship overseas :(

You could always locate a broken/defective model off eBay (where the housing is intact) and replace yours. That way you might even have more spare parts if something else breaks. Example only (not black).


Thanks for the advice.

Will have a look around


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