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Apples Mainstream-iPhone 2021 wurde am 24. September vorgestellt und kommt mit einem 6,1-Zoll-OLED-Display, einem dualen 12-MP-Kamerasystem und in fünf verfügbaren Farben. Nachfolger des iPhone 12.

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iPhone 13 and 13 pro the same screen

Are the iPhone 13 and 13 pro the same screen

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Hi Ameer,

iFixit did a test to determine what parts may or may not be interchangeable between the iPhone 13 and the 13 Pro that answers your question.

The Parts You Can and Can’t Swap Between iPhone 13 Models

== Display ==

  • Vanilla/Pro swaps: No (connectors are incompatible)
  • Same-model swaps: Yes, but without Face ID, True Tone, or auto brightness, and with a “genuine” warning

So no, the connectors are not the same; you can't interchange them. Most of the specifications such as brightness, etc are better on the pro screen, so even if the connectors would plug in, there's a good chance the functionality wouldn't match. The only area of compatibility is that the front glass is the same, which is pretty useless given how hard it is to remove an OLED panel from the front glass; i.e., it's extremely difficult even with trained technicians and professional equipment.

Oh, here you go, you can use the same screen protector on both!

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