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Repair and service information for Western Digital's line of WD Elements Desktop USB external hard drives. Available in 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, and 14TB configurations.

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Power adapter replacement for external WD

Hi guys,

I lost my original power adapter 12V 1800mA 18Watts for external WD. I have another from older WD but its 12V and only 1500mA and if I connect this it's not working. Than I have some 12V 3000mA - it's from LCD screen - can I use it or it's too much and I should stick with 1800mA ?

Thanks a lot for any ideas/advice.

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Hi @roboscrap

The device will only use as much current as it needs to, to operate.

As long as the voltage is the specified value i.e. 12V then using a 12V 3000mA adapter won't be a problem.

The problem with using the 1500mA adapter was that it couldn't supply enough current.

As you didn't specify the model I'm assuming that it uses an adapter with a centre pin +ve output connection as this is the most common connection.

If the adapter has a centre -ve pin output connection it will damage the HDD electronics.

The polarity of the output should be shown on the adapter case.

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Center is +ve so I am good to go. Thank you very much.


UPDATE - IF YOU DON'T CONNECT your external WD HDD to the USB/FireWire - it will not start up :D



Probably because standard USB ports only provide max of 500mA @ 5V

Firewire provides max 1500mA @ 8V - 30V


@jayeff thanks for info :)


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