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Angekündigt im August 2017. Das Galaxy Note8 ist der Nachfolger des durch Rückruf bekannten Galaxy Note7. Erhältlich war das Note8 im September 2017.

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Note 8 Freezes and restarts

My Samsung Note 8, has started to Freeze and then restart and keeps doing that until it's battery runs flat, sometimes locks up so bad I can't force it off.
I did some troubleshooting from Wiping the cache partition and factory resetting the phone and seems to work for about 2 minutes before freezing and going back into the loop, I also tried reinstalling the software for the phone with Odin but seems that doesn't fix the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advanced.

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Hi @littletech

Does it do this with the charger connected?


Hey @jayeff

I've tried whilst charging the phone and its gone past the boot logo and started a fresh install (guessing from me factory resetting) then It went into the phone worked for about 3 minutes before freezing and restarting few times then works normally before freezing and repeating the loop before just shutting down.

Some extra info that might be helpful: I got the phone refurbished, seems its originally Korean based as the provider is LGU+.



Just eliminating things :-)

Try starting in safe mode and check.

Don't know anything about flashing new rom to get away from a Korean base but a quick read online seems to indicate that the partitioning is different so maybe it's getting confused if there's some remnant data left somewhere idk.



I tried in safe mode but unfortunately seems to continue to crash.

So i need to find a way to wipe the whole phone and then try reinstalling it all again?

thanks for the help.


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I'd try a new battery, sounds like its struggling to power the phone. it may be refurbished but is it? Some sellers describe a good looking phone as refurbished to get a quick sale.

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Before I go through replacing the battery, is there a way to test that battery is causing the issue? as it still has the issues whilst on charge, so I wouldn't of guessed it was the battery.


@littletech I can't guarantee it, but there are a lot of devices that only take power from the battery; plugging it in doesn't directly power the device, but rather goes toward charging the battery instead, so if the battery is misbehaving it will continue to do so whether it's plugged in or not.

The only way I can think of to test that is to disconnect the battery, then plug it in and see if it comes up. Might be worth a try to help confirm or deny the battery as the source of your problems.

Considering you can buy a replacement battery for anywhere from $10 to $25 USD, it would be worthwhile to replace it and confirm whether or not that's the problem.


Hi @dadibrokeit

Okay, Do you have recommended sites to look for a battery since I've heard there are a lot of fake batteries online and ifixit seems to not have them least not for AUS.

Thanks for the help. =)


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