samsung rfg298aabp freezer and ice stopped working

I have the samsung rfg298aabp 11 years old, my freezer stopped working. No codes and the freezer temp reads as if it were cold, Fridge is fine and compressor work. I checked the seals and they seem to be ok too, plus I didnt have any ice build up. I was preemptive and ordered fans and blades. However when I took it apart the fans were fine. When the drawer closed the fans kicked on. They did stop at one point but retesting they started right up. The coils were as clean as could be with no ice build up. I put it all back together and froze a small bowl of water overnight. I then went ahead and added some food items, which after 24 hours were not frozen. Upon checking again this morning after leaving it overnight again the food is now frozen solid. I am very curious what may be driving this. I would guess I have an intermittent something.... thanks in advance.

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