Notebook is not powering on

Hi everyone,

Firstly, it is Chuwi Minibook 8 inch, I did not found it in the list.

I opened minibook up for charging repair and there was short on cap near usb c connector. While injecting voltage to shorted cap to see where its getting hot, I accidentaly injected 9v to DATA lines D+, D-, SBUS and CC (according to USB C connector pinout). From this point, minibook doesnt turn on (before it was turning on, only not charging. I charged battery with power supply). CPU gets little bit hot while holding power button, but screen keeps black. CPU getting hot (only little bit hot, its not boiling) only as long as I hold the power button. What is the first problems that comes to your mind? Can it be some blown resistor, diode, coil or some usb control IC that prevents it from turning on? There is no shorted cap anymore on the whole board (I literally measured every one). I basicaly want to ask if this type of issue (injecting 9v to data lines) can result into eMMC, CPU or RAM failure?

I'm repairing things for myself, it is not for customer. Im very amateur.

Thank you

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