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My Maxcon 50 litre sensor motion bin

Hi my Maxkon 50 litre motion sensor bins little battery pack and fallen into the bin and long gone. Can I buy one anywhere or do I have to buy a new bin.

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Hi @leesav

According to this link the Maxkon 50L sensor bin (product code JAH5312-50L) is made by Ausway.

You could try contacting the manufacturer (or perhaps they're just the distributor idk) and ask them if a replacement battery holder is available as a spare part.

Best that I can find out is that it needs 6 x AA batteries to function, so the battery holder would need to accommodate this many and also be wired in series, presumably to provide the 9V power to operate the bin i.e. 6 x 1.5V AA battery so it may look something like this but a lot depends on the actual physical dimensions of the slot where the battery holder fits into the bin and also whether it is a snap connector fitting or it plugs in with a cable. There's no user manual online that I can find so you'd know how it would connect ;-)

Hopefully this is of some help.

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