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iPhone keeps turning on and off - Alcohol might help?

Hi all!

I have an iPhone that was dropped into water last week.

A few days ago it started turning on and off over and over again.

So I went to an authorized repair shop and they told me, that water came into the device and a little bit of rust is already visible.

Now to me question: Is there a chance, that the phone might exit that boot loop if the motherboard where cleaned within an ultrasonic cleaner and alcohol?

I saw some comments in another thread claiming they successfully repaired their phones with isopropyl alcohol:

iPhone Wasserschaden reparieren

Thank you already for your answers!

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@henerii the alcohol does not fix it, it is the cleaning that can help. Ultimately, this is what must be done to get a proper evaluation of what might actually have failed :-)

In your situation it will depends on what/where is rusted or corroded. Post an image of that with your question as well. It may narrow it down.


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This absolutely could work(no guarantees though)

If you do go ahead with this make sure to remove the stickers and shields on the board

Also it turning on and off can be caused by a bad battery

Battery’s are one of the first things to fail after water damage so after cleaning a new battery might helps

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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If you remove the screen and only unplug the proximity sensor the phone may turn on. It’s pretty common for the prox to go out and cause a boot loop, if it was exposed to water. It’s worth a shot if you are just trying to access your data. Top speaker and some other things will no longer work but you can still backup 👍

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