Kit lens autofocus not focusing properly

Good afternoon everyone,

Today i present my trusty old 18-55 kit lens (F3.5-5.6) which has been gradually failing. I was teaching someone a bit about cameras and were trying to take photos and it just stopped. When holding the shutter button down half way, the lens focus ring barely moves if at all. This either requires me to manually focus my shots now or use my other non-IS lens (my 75-300 EF).

I use a 450D ancient camera and i have verified the aforementioned zoom lens works with AF perfectly, however not the kit lens.

I would assume my AF motor is toast however does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this apart from tearing it down (I'm going into this blind as there are no guides on ifixit for this seemingly common place lens).

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Note: this camera was rated to last for 10 years and it’s currently 14 years old, however clearly it seems the lens has died well before the camera


The camera and lens are old but unless abused or used alot it might still work. the contacts on the lens and camera must be clean. If you used the zoom a lot the cable inside can break. I have seen dirt on the lens slow the focus. It is plastic so they did not use oil to keep the things moving free. Mine still work fine


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