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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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Information on instaling a new rack & pinion?

Any tips on Removal of the old one. And install of the new one ?

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You can get the 2003 steering part from the service manual from here. It is identical to what you are up against.


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andrew chuka III make sure you can get the car high enough like, 2 to 3 feet. You will have to drop the subframe, that is why you need that clearance. Don't over-tighten any of the bolts and do not loose any of the locking plate for your subframe. You'll need a special tool to release the hydraulic lines and a tie-rod tool :

Remover, Tie-Rod End

211-001 (TOOL-3290-D)

Disconnect Tool, Spring Lock Coupling

310-041 (T90T-9550-C)

"4. Disconnect the steering column shaft from the steering gear pinion extension.

1. Remove the bolt.

2. Release the steering column shaft from the pinion extension.

5. Loosen the front wheel nuts.

6. Raise and support the vehicle.

7. Remove the wheels.

8. Remove the tie-rod end retaining nuts.

9. CAUTION: When the tie-rod ends are detached from the wheel knuckles, the ball joint seals must be wrapped in cloth to protect them.Detach the tie-rod ends from the wheel knuckles.

10. Detach the stabilizer bar links from the strut and spring assemblies.

11. Disconnect the fluid cooler hose.

12. Remove the support insulator to transaxle center bolt.

13. Remove the steering gear heat shield.

14. Detach the hose support clamp.

15. Detach the power steering hoses from the steering gear.

1. Remove the bolt.

2. Rotate the clamp plate.

16. Using a suitable jack, support the crossmember.

17. Remove the six crossmember bolts

18. Lower the crossmember.

19. Remove the steering column coupling shaft and floor seal.

1. Move the floor seal upwards.

2. Remove the bolt.

20. Remove the steering gear."

Hope this will help you out, good luck.

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We done all that but the steering gear still won't come out. Its not loose, we overlooked everything underneath we still don't know why its not coming out


Thank you for the steps. A video would be even better! But then most modern cars have electric rather than hydraulic power steering.


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thank you

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