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The Huawei P20 Lite is a budget, yet powerful, smartphone from tech giant Huawei. It features dual rear-facing cameras and an amazing display.

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What is the name of the cable that is broken on my phone?

I had the issue that my audio jack didn't work and so I replaced the part, by doing that I noticed the real issue: a little cable broke (not during my repairs).
It's the little plug connecting the charging and audiojack with the main board.
(https://youtu.be/oWLBeKcft5g?t=165 In this timestamp he removes it, the little one left to the big black strip)

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That would be a coaxial cable for the cellular antenna to feed the signal to the motherboard. In one repair guide I found it's called an interconnect cable, but hard to say if that's an artifact of the translation from French or not.

At any rate, here's a guide that shows how to replace that particular part.

Interconnection cable Huawei P20 Lite repair - Free guide - SOSav

As mentioned in that guide, that cable is typically replaced for these reasons.

  • Torn cable
  • Loss of 3G / 4G network
  • Bad network reception

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i would assume it takes a type C cable if it is 3 years old or newer

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