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Modell A1312 / Mitte 2011 / 2,7 & 3,1 GHz Core i5 oder 3,4 GHz Core i7 Prozessor, ID iMac12,2

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Data revovery / restore overwrite


I have (now) 2 iMac's mid 2011. My old ones graphic card died, so I looked for another 2nd hand and found a great one with an 1TB SSD iso 1TB HDD.

In order to transfer my old data set up from my broken iMac, I removed the HDD in order to be able to install in a dock station and so recover / restore my old programs, settings and so on.

I checked 3 times to make sure the setting was correct before the restore via Disk Utillity... but after the restore I found out that the data from the new iMac was transfered to my HDD I had in the dock station...meaning it was overwritten...

I could shoot myself 10 times in the head for not taking the time to back up the old HDD... ( I usually do this always, but thinking it was child play with disk utility was a foolish thing to think).

So, I tried to recover data with data recovery software ( which it does ) but things like with Final Cut Pro events-projects are not traceable...

Anyways, guess you can get the gest of where I am...

Is there anyone out there that has a good solution to re capture my earlier HDD data settings ? If at all possible...

Thanks for any clue, direction, solution...

Best regards,


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Try looking for professional data recovery services - I had a corrupted SD card in my GoPro back in a day with a whole hiking trip on it and I was the only person out of about 30 people who recorder videos. I tried recovering the data myself but was only able to get some of the photos back. Pro level service did manage to recover videos too, but in my case all of started with a green screen no matter how you cut the length and lost sound. So the conclusion would be give it a shot but don't be too optimistic

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Hi Alexanderre,

Due to the excessive price tag they ask for a 1TB recovery HDD it's not really an option...checked that first before trying to do it myself.

Thanks anyhow for your input !




Absolutely, but you know - it all depends on how much value is in that data for you


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Hi Luke,

I can definitely relate to your situation.

You said that you didn't take the time to do a full backup of your old HDD, but did you have Time Machine setup or were you connected to any service such as Drop Box or Google Drive? I've forgotten that I had my HDD backed up on Google Drive a few times so I thought maybe it would be worth asking. If so, then recovering lost data and settings should be possible for you.

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Hi Sherlock Einstein,

I had a TIme Machine back up, but wasn't very recent. ( one year old )

And since I don't use Drop Box and or Google Drive service...

I checked for decent data recovery software and came up with Cisdem Data Recovery and Wondershare which do not really "recover" data that is overwritten.

According to this article overwritten data just isn't recoverable. When you read it, it actually makes sence that it's not possble. Ok, it's an article from 2011 and 11 years have passed. So, maybe the technique has improved...


So, I guess I'm stuck...

Thanks anyhow for your kind support !




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