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Samsung’s 5 megapixel F90 black camcorder with a 2.7” LCD screen, meant for general HD video recording. This device is currently discontinued and its model number is HMX-F90.

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power hub broken on camera

can the HDMI slot be used to charge the battery

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thanks ,much appreciated


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The short answer is no, it can't.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a specification that combines video and audio into a single digital interface for use with digital devices. It is not used for power applications.

As can be seen in the image below taken from the service manual showing the block diagram for the camcorder, the USB port is the only port that connects external power to the charge controller.

Block Image

(click on image)

Section 3 of the manual shows the disassembly procedure which will help to gain access to the mini USB port so that it can be replaced. Presumably this is what you meant by "power hub broken on camera".

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