Why isn’t my car starting

I broke down at my daughters just before Christmas. It drove there fine and I turned the engine off whilst I was waiting to collect my grandchildren but then wouldn’t turn back on. The AA man couldn’t figure out what the problem was but he managed to bypass everything by starting it up with a jump direct from the battery to the starter motor. I now think my immobiliser may be part of the fault. All fuses seem good and wires look ok. Any ideas has this happened to anyone else. Any help would be appreciated x

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Factory theft deterrent systems usually have an indicator to alert the driver of status. Review your owner's manual for guidance on indicator modes as it may be on, off, flashing, or blinking. The security indicator may be the only tell tale of factory immobiliser status. Determining this status may be the first steps in diagnosing where a problem lies and if it's interfering with everyday starting/driving. If this isn't a security issue, is there an aftermarket security system installed and interfering with starting? If this isn't a security issue then diagnosing a starting system problem is next. This may as simple as a worn out starter, loose starting wire, worn ignition switch, etc. An automotive electrical/electronic expert may be needed to diagnose this problem along with service manuals to correlate troubleshooting.


Are there any indicator lights inside the car when the battery is hooked up normally?


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