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General repair information on LG washing machines.

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How to force unlock child lock

I Have an LG F2514STGE FullAWM 14kg/8kg that's located at our roofed terrace. We don't usually have a problem of it getting wet because the area is quite large and the awm is placed in such a way to prevent rain splashing it.

A particulary heavy storm hit our area and the machine got wet. At first there wasn't any problem or anything so I did my laundry as usual. Mid-wash it started going wonky and automatically set itself into child lock. Now my laundry is stuck inside with no way of getting it out.

I was wondering is there a way for me to force unlock the child lock feature? Just so I could get my laundry out? The earliest the repairman could do a visit is 2 days from now and i'm stressed out because the clothes inside are kinda expensive. Please help!

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Have you tried pressing and holding the wash and rinse buttons simultaneously for about 3 seconds?

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