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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für das iPhone SE der 2. Generation, im April 2020 angekündigt und veröffentlicht.

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iPhone iCloud locked (need help)

So guys I bought a iPhone SE 2020 3 days ago in good condition. I was tired after buying it and I did not remove the old owner's iCloud I was like "meh I'll do it tomorrow nothing bad can happen" but something bad did happen It got iCloud locked. I tried contacting the old owner but he didn't pickup his phone and when I went to his house I must have rang the bell a million times but he didn't open the door. The only possible solution I see is changing the motherboard. If I change the motherboard will I need to change the touch id sensor aswell? But I have that if you change the motherboard of icloud locked iphones apple will see it is as illegal motherboard swap and after finding they will blacklist the device as they will think its stolen. But in this case it's not stolen I'm the legal owner of it. Please anybody who knows about this topic please answer both of my questions.

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if you have the icloud account ID and password, you can remove the icloud account on the phone or on-line at appleid.apple.com or www.icloud.com.

if you don't have the account ID and password, you need to either get it from the seller or have them use the websites to remove the account from the phone - presuming the seller is the icloud account owner.

even if this is not the case (seller != owner) doesn't necessarily mean that the phone is stolen or is/will be blacklisted. there are a lot of legit scenarios where a phone is sold with an icloud account that hasn't been removed (ebay is full of them).

however, the bottom line is if you are not able to get the icloud account removed (and it can only be done by providing the correct account credentials - anything you see for services or bypass software do not remove the icloud-to-phone association from Apple's servers, it's just a temporary work around that has to be refreshed/renewed if you ever restart the phone or upgrade the IOS) the you are pretty much SOL.

that said, swapping out the motherboard will require that you change the home button as well (the one matched to the motherboard you're installing), however, changing out the motherboard is essentially the same as throwing away the old phone and using the phone that the new motherboard came out of. everything that apple or the cellular carrier uses to identify a given phone (IMEI/ESN/MEID/etc) lives on and is associated with the motherboard. the "phone" is just the motherboard, all the other components (display, case, camera, speaker, battery, etc.) have nothing to do with the electronic identity of the phone.

let's say you take a motherboard out of a different phone (phone B) and you put it into the phone you just bought (phone A) - presuming that phone B does not have an icloud account on it and has a clean carrier status. activating phone B and putting the B motherboard into the A phone and activating it is exactly the same thing as far as Apple (and the network carrier) is concerned. there is no way that Apple (or carrier) can know that the B motherboard is still in the B phone frame/case OR that the B motherboard has been swapped into to the A phone frame/case. so, no, swapping motherboards will not result in your phone getting blacklisted. blacklisting can happen for a number of reasons, but moving phone parts around is not one of them.

one bright side is that a locked motherboard that can boot up, along with it's matched home button, can have some value by selling it on ebay.

do what you can to see if you can get the icloud account removed by the account owner, but failing that, you're phone (at least the motherboard) is useless. the rest of the phone (display, case, battery, camera, parts, etc) can be used with a good motherboard or can be sold for parts.

good luck to you

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At this point should I get a new motherboard with its own touch id sensor?


@theshadowydude If you don't have the iCloud account information then yeah, that's going to be your only option.


Thx for help guys



well, either that or just get another complete phone.

if the case and glass for the phone you have is still good, you can shop for a good phone (same model, no icloud, etc) and maybe you can find one for a lower price because the glass or back is cracked or the outside case is damaged,


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You're not the legal owner as it sounds like the phone was previously stolen or lost. That's probably why the seller is ignoring you. How were you going to remove the old owners icloud? If you had the icloud details it could be removed anytime and not just straight away. I'd look into trying to get in touch with the seller again and either get icloud removed or your money back.

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It's dumb me, I was tired after negotiating the deal so I went home and slept I should have removed the icloud account on it first than slept welp


I'm living in Pakistan so I can't even go to apple at this point


@theshadowydude As @strongbow said in the answer: If you could have removed the iCloud account when you first got home, you can remove it now. The information hasn’t changed, assuming you have the info which sounds unlikely


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