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Die PlayStation 2 wird oft als "PS2" bezeichnet. Sie kam in Japan im März 2000 heraus. Reparaturen erfordern nur ganz normales Werkzeug, sind aber manchmal etwas trickreich.

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crashes during game.?overheating or over

I've been looking for similar problems but everything seems to be for the PS3. My kids have the "buzz" games and at first I thought that they were all madly pressing the buttons and the machine had overloaded and crashed. Took the game to in-laws and it played fine. The PS2 works ok for about 30minutes then crashes and goes back to home screen, red power light flashes. Turn machine off and on again and it will play for less time. I am thinking this is some sort of overheating or video problem, fans are working, it was thoroughly cleaned not so long ago (problem started ages after that so I can't see a link)Not a disk prob as it happens with other games. Ideas???


it would seem that the fan I have taken out is not so easy to find similar new, I've a few bids on broken PS2's to try and salvage but there are apparently 12 different releases so fans differ.. am looking for 60mmx15mm fan, output is 24.5cfm. 2 Pin connection. anyone know how much variation I can go? Closest I've found is 21cfm which I'm very tempted to get but it comes from the US so I've time to dither if exactness is the key.

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looking back at the guides I'm not sure whether there was any arctic silver involved...I know I put it on the xbox RROD but not sure on this. The teardown and repairs don't show any paste but I'm guessing there should be some?? Anyone know for sure?


Just out of curiosity, Have you tried to place an external fan in front of the PS2 to see if that makes a difference?


thought about that..haven't called it a day on this at all. Original fan is a nidec d06r ex 07ss102 (2 pin connection like the one in your link) We bought one of those cooling fan pads for the xbox 360 which I was thinking of rejigging for this.


Just wondering if your PS2 had a Nidec fan and if so, what number was yours? Also, what version is your PS2 (check your GH number)?


it's nidec...d06r ex 07ss102, couldn't find it in their lists of specs but found specs for the d06r series. Think this serial is just for PS2. I'm guessing that this is one of the early (2002) models as I bought it Dec '02. (currently it's hiding in pieces..so will go and seek out the GH)Tried a few suppliers over here but they all say nada on getting stock..


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Just to answer my own question as I've finally sorted out the problem. It would seem that the fan finally died. Somehow during a previous clean out for overheating I managed to crimp a wire for the fan with a chassis screw. I've tried rewiring but this may have been the original cause of overheating in the first place and not my crimping. I was sure I could hear the fans whirring away but when all was opened up..no fan. The down side is that to replace the fan is more than the unit is worth!

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Great troubleshooting....how about something like this http://www.focalprice.com/GB053S/Metal_C... Not to expensive and might keep your PS2 alive for a while longer ;-)


funny this fan says it's a USB but it looks like the same 2 pin set up of the fan that's dead...price is good!


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Ps2 slim overheat problem SOLVED!!!!!: I too had the overheating problem where my sp2 slim would overheat and shut down by its self. Seems the longer I waited to restart, the longer I could play which would make one think it was indeed overheating. Whether or not mine was actually overheating has me wondering! Taking for granted it was indeed overheating, I took it apart and blew out the fan which wasn't actually all that dirty, as only just a very little amount of dust came out. (My fan was working when the overheating problem started so I knew my fan was good) After blowing out my fan and reassembling the case, it "overheated again".. Dang, so I again dissassembled the case, this time removing the fan and blowing out the holes underneith the fan. Yes! I noticed that a couple of the holes was indeed stopped up with dust. Thinking this was the problem, I proceeded to blow out the holes under the fan and anywhere else I could blow some compressed air. Problem solved right? WRONG!... Started my system up again and the game cut off after about 10 min. Then I started researching more and more, tried using different controllers, memory cards and basically trying switching out everything I could think of that might cause this problem, even tried a different outlet. NOTHING WORKED!.... So I decided as a last resort I would disassemble the whole thing (as I had nothing to lose at this point) and before I got too far, I noticed this little button battery that is used for memory backup. I unplugged its connector for about 10 min.... and plugged it back in. I sat my system directly in front of a fan. BEEN PLAYING FOR DAYS, HOURS ON END WITH NO SHUTDOWNS! (I have since removed the fan and still working). Don't know if my unit was indeed overheating or not, but I'm thinking it had some kind of fault that stayed in memory and removing the backup battery cleared the fault. Hope this helps out everyone that has this problem...

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