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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für die 2020er Neuauflage des MacBook Air. Erschienen im März 2020

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MacBook Air A2179 keyboard are the screws Pentalobe, P2?

I've studied the A2179 2020 MacBook Air breakdown online, and have my MB disassembled to replace the malfunctioning keyboard with a new one.

The screws surrounding the board (not rivets) are super small and look like the P2 used for iPhones. I presently don't have the P2 tool, and will order it up, but I'm curious to confirm this size, can't find the info anywhere online.

Thanks much for your work.


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After Coco's response, I found the fixit mako toolkit at Home Depot which has the P2 that I needed. I already owned the P6 and the Torx required to disassemble my MB air. Since the MB was totally apart, I was super happy to find the mako toolkit available at my local HD to finish the keyboard repair.

ifixit.com was a GREAT help for this teardown using the step by step information for this A2179 model which is not on the recall list for keyboards from Apple. Genius quote to repair was $430 !

Presently the Air is not finished with the repair, but I wanted to thank ifixit for the help so far, and will post any thoughts on putting this A2179 back together.


A2179 back together and working well with the new keyboard. Many small screws !

It was great to use the step by step tear down instructions in reverse to help put the MB Air together. Great web site !!!!


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Yes, unfortunately they are 0.8 pentalobe screws and there's quite a few of them, so you will need a P2 screwdriver.

Not sure why Apple decided to use different screws though.


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