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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active can be identified by model numbers SM-G892A (AT&T) and SM-G892U (T-Mobile and Sprint) and was released in August 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is an Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics as the eighth generation of the Samsung Galaxy S series.

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please why is my samsung not booting up but keep showing blue led ligh

please help me, my samsung s8 active is just showing blue led light and refused to boot up or enter recovery or download mode and i have tried holding the power button and down volume button please help me

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this issue could be caused by a fault in the board if your phone gets very hot on the back and shows a red light and if and when it dose boot it should refuse to charge that is if its cable is plugged in and also if the light remains a solid red that little led indicates something is wrong maybe faulty obviously that's a good guess considering that light is also just responding for charge power input this I know but what I'm saying is if your screen wasn't black before you may want to unplug the screen connector cable but before you do anything pop up the flex cable for the battery otherwise you may accidentally get an electric shock that is not good so unplug the battery remove the Philips screws only top and mid section row if you want to fully inspect your board but don't forget to take out the cameras and sim before fully removing the motherboard if that still doesn't work id buy a new phone cause the s8 active screens are stupidly expensive paying a premium of about 100 dollars eBay or ifixit just for a gold silver and grey screen by the way if I didn't mention this you just want to pry up the screen connector and plug it back in the battery should be plugged in last and then hold your power button on if it still doesn't work try forcing it to boot USB and or USB c to USB c power brick and such that's all I know is that the screen has something to do with it not booting also a dead battery with multiple charge cycles would kill your phone from turning on depending on the amount of years you've owned the phone and its condition the battery may need replacing so trust me when I say if all these things fail its most likely a bad 3000mh battery that will do it charging and using the battery to the point of no return is obviously not a good thing and should be thrown out and exchanged for a better battery from ifix it if possible if they own and supply some battery I would buy one and try that by the way you need to break the seal on the back plate be very careful as the finger print reader cable is on the left top side of the phone failure to be careful could rip it and render it useless until a ome finger print reader is installed don't worry unlike apple Samsung doesn't require the factory finger print reader at all hell you can exchange finger print readers from random s8 actives and still register your finger so Samsung in superior in that regard at least anyways hope this answered yalls question also ill throw in a bonus and say the phone is entirely Philips for those of ya that don't know its awesome Samsung encourages yall to fix your phones they actually care about a self fix program unlike apple and im proud to own my s8 active as a result in grey

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