Nvidia Shield TV not turning on

Nvidia Shield TV not turning on

I was watching a movie and suddenly got a black screen and the shield is not turning on after that...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Update (01/17/2023)

@andrewsawesome here is the image for reference. Thanks!

Block Image

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What connector does this device use for power?


Hi @andrewsawesome it's the US standard 110v/60Hz, like the one here

I was able to test the power supply, and it worked in another unit.


@alexgcr Try this:

1. Connect the Shield to a TV and go to the right input so you can see the live HDMI output.

1. Disconnect the Shield from power.

2. Connect a USB keyboard to the USB port closest to the HDMI port.

3. Start and keep holding the A and B keys on the USB keyboard.

4. While keeping the buttons pressed down, connect the shield back to power.

Did anything happen with the console or on the screen?


@andrewsawesome I did that and nothing happened with the console or on the screen.


@alexgcr Does anything different happen if you disconnect the hard drive? Does anything happen if you disconnect the IO board?


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